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We love coffee! We buy it locally, make sure its fair trade and organic and grind it fresh in our farmhouse kitchen. 


Whatever we can't grow in our garden and farm we buy from local producers at one of the weekly farmers market


As much as we can we try to buy everything organic or pesticide free. The flour and grains in our home made sourdough breads, muffins and granola are purchased from a local organic mill. 


The fresher the food the better  for you. We try to stay in season with our diets. We trust our environment knows what we need at each change of season and are happy to eat the tastiest freshest produce we can get.

spring water

With seven springs on our farm, enjoy delicious and nutritious water throughout your entire visit. Our water is as pure and tasty as it gets and we strive to keep it that way.



Enjoy a peaceful quiet country slumber and wake up to birdsong and warm sunshine. 

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